Thursday, November 22, 2012


Again, I have A LOT to write about, but I certainly don't have ample of time to update you all with EVERY POSSIBLE THING,  those not interested may stop right here and continue with their sucky life schedule.

I over think things, maybe I try to read between the lines when there's actually nothing for me to read. Or maybe I just have way too much spare time at the moment. And, yet we all know the connect between the empty minds and the devil. I'm still feeling weird and this is basically what's been on my mind:

: Why people who seem sweet make it a point to show their REAL SIDE :|
 [^ Mind you I don't give a damn.]
: Why the ones whom you count on suddenly make you feel like you are NOBODY to them.
: Why does that feeling of emptiness try to distress you or make you look stupid purposely
: Why do I get pissed with people so sluggishly and then can't stand their nonsense for even half a minute?
: Would it be cool if the world ends on 21st December? :D
 [^ Probably this is the only source of happiness in my life right now, but there are a little things here and there too ;)]
: I wish to follow my Study Time Table, but I FAIL to do it, whyy? :'(
: I let scanty things totally make me lose my friggin mind ALL THE TIME, and mind you it's not even funny.
: Fighting with my peers has now probably become a part of my DAILY life. WHY?
: Just when I think I've found my place in this world, just when I experience a moment of sheer bliss, something or the other makes me realize that happiness for me is just a momentary phenomenon.

And, no all of this is enough to make out that how pathetically messed up I am right now, nuh-uh not gonna torture you all any further.
So, peeps the answer to all these 'WHY'S', where will I find them?
Hope to see things in a better condition, the next time I blog :|
P.s. I'm not that baby who keeps cribbing all day long, okay? :P
Just a random teenager who's a bit unsettled for the time being.
That's about it.

Willseeyouallsoon, till then take care.
Loads of LOAVE,

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