Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wohoo or Bohoo? o.O

Fun? Frolic? Study? Teachers? Class 8th?  How is it all going to be? The fact that I am growing now, and I am almost about to enter CLASS 8th, has kept me  a bit too nervous. Whether I am ready for it or not. I. MYSELF, don't know the answer to this question.  I go chasing people just to ask them, ''Class 8th? will it be difficult?''  Maybe, I am a bit too restless or something! But, hardly 4 days are left for CLASS 8th to begin. I have a very brawny feeling that my work will go on smooth, and people WILL notice a change in me. :) (for sure)

I have made a LIST, a List which I WILL fulfill, so here it goes:
1: I will not ARGUE with my teachers, NEVER infact.  Even if they are wrong and I am right I will keep mute.
2: My notebooks will always be up to date. (Whatsoever, they ARE always COMPLETE, except my HINDI notebook. :P )
3: My notebooks will not be found in other classes,as it is accustomedly found.
4: I will GIVE up all my Clumsy Habitual work.
5: I won't dance in my class, as I normally do. :P
6: My worksheets will be submitted on time. (Wohoo- big shot. :P)
7: As I end with a glum note. I WILL have to obey all my teachers. :/
So, here's the list. :D Hoping and Praying that I will accomplish it.  Class 8th another year of pleasant or unpleasant experiences. Let's see, what you have in store for me.  Till then, WISH ME LUCK. :)


  1. Hahaha LOL , nice points that you have noted down there :P

  2. last year to enjoy. dont waste ninth u may not get an hour for have fun

  3. The others make sense I guess, but why no dancing in class? Thats toh the best! :D