Friday, December 21, 2012

Where is the love? :\

Don't expect things to be flowery perfect. No, they can't always be, at least not in such a  big bad world.
The 23 year old girl who was raped, if she would have just taken an auto and not a bus, things would have been so much different and today she would have been alive, gone to work the next day. BUT OBVIOUSLY some other girl would have been trapped into the same.
It's shocking these days people are born without a conscious, it's horrible that this was the idea of  ''FUN'' for those inhuman 6 men. HOW COULD THEY? People come on! Her one and only fault was she boarded the wrong bus and a possibility being that she was a girl. Raped by an iron road, mutilated her intestines. And left her to die on the road. Naked. Devastated. Wounded. Exposed. What's more? Nobody even LOOKED at her, after many hours passed some random guy made an effort to call the police. No one even bothered to throw a shawl on the ill-clad, ill-fated girl.  Is this what our society is all about? After YEARS, they are waking up after such a shocking and a pathetic incident which took place. She has gone into coma 5 times since 16th of December. She is unconscious, critical and hasn't been able to stop crying.
Delhi the capital of India? How about, the Rape capital? To some people I know this has made no difference, but we all are in the same boat guys, if all this not stopped right now there will be a time when Girls will be banned from moving out of the house all alone, like a prisoner at their own home. India may have evolved technically but mentally they STILL need to grow.

She wasn't your daughter. But she could be. The brutality has to stop right here guys. These people deserve a capital punishment for this heinous, pervert act. I VOTE FOR A CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! I didn't know her. But she is related to me by the universal bond of humanity.

From a girl who doesn't want to face the same fate. 

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