Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Love is really nothing, but a dream that keeps waking me :)

   I don't care what they say
   I'm in love with you

   They try to pull me away,
   But they don't know the truth
   My Heart's crippled by the vein that I keep on closing
   You cut me open and I keep bleeding in love
   Keep, keep..

  So the inspiration for today is: 

"It poured, I blushed, and memories gushed into my otherwise numb head like an unbounded stream.
I had always cherished the tickling raindrops on my face, danced when it was pouring, splashed about in puddles, but that was before YOU walked in. That was before you gave me a memory that made me feel special. We might be young and naive, you might not have used the most charming words in the dictionary but you certainly make me feel like nobody else does. But all of this will never tarnish my memory of that day. The rainy evening of  18th June,
''So will you go out with me?''
''Maybe, yes?''
And it poured,  gradually it rained *cats and dogs*
Perfect Moment much? :)
The rain still tingles my soul, just like you do..
And it only reminds me of you, and you."

You might be crazy, you might be freaky, but that just proves the fact that you are mine. Our opinions might differ drastically, but I will continue to love you truly and deeply.
Fighting, Cribbing over each other, Arguing, Long conversations on the phone, hanging out, and a lot more.
I can't help but imagine how pathetically awful my life's gonna be once I leave.
I'm gonna miss all of this, our sudden tears, our absurd conversations, our ridiculous fights, the more ridiculous ways in which we have made up. One of us might end up crossing the line. But I know you are always gonna be there.
I've started now, to shutup is gonna be a bit tough for me, so I think that's all for today.
This is slightly a personal post, my apologies, but this is how it is. 

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