Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's all make believe, isn't it? :)

Back after the longest time possible, ain't I? =D And that my peeps is all thanks to Kirtika, and her amazing blog which inspired me to start blogging all over again! Woohoo. =D

So, umm yea! Today I'm gonna write about ANNOYING PEOPLE, and how they totally rock at showing the world their sweet little side of life, and in real they are like the worst people EVER present on this PLANET. There is always that ONE PERSON. That person who makes you wanna smash his\her head on a glass window, the moment you set your eyes on them. Yes, I agree I'm a temperamental freak but in the past my faulty judgement might have caused me to dislike an individual for no apparent reason.

For years I believed that I was protective about certain people, certain things. But from the past few months I have realized that how particularly protective I am of MYSELF. Confused? So am I, in a way.
Trying to project themselves as people who they totally can't be, (Kirtika would know what I mean), creating stories about themselves which are not true, my friends adopting my habits, my salutation(s), no matter how crazy, idiotic, insane I am, nobody has the right to copy me! I have my own copyrights, people!
And well, you all should know it's not ALWAYS about making people believe,  it's about HOW you are as a person.

For the rest of you who are absolutely wonderful and the way you are, stay like this and you'll all be loved.
And, and this is a relevant topic, for both me and Kirtika!
Now relieved by clamoring out my heart.
Hope to see you all soon! :D

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  1. Well,my fellow blogger, You are an absolutely 'awesome' writer.
    And thank you! *deep pink blush*
    I totally get that!
    All those someone's MUST read this post. Maybe, just maybe, they shall wake up.

    Anyway, keep posting! I'll keep reading. ;)