Sunday, November 18, 2012

How stupid can I get? =P

Yo Yo Honey Singh B|

[New obsession bro, not that I like him or something, but people around me have made me write this, yeah you must be thinking what I'm talking about, but you won't get it so just let it be :P]

I haven't had much to write about lately, I am guessing you would like to hear me talk about ANYTHING but that! My life's just been getting pretty random lately, so here's a random post, about

1: I play a game 'Words with Friends' when I'm extremely pissed or when I'm about to burst out crying, I either end up playing VERY well or I just tend to resign. :$

2: When I'm excited,  I start jumping and then end up breaking something or the other. -.-

3: I am hilariously violent, if you know what I mean :P 

4: I am double minded about possibly EVERYTHING in life, like, I'm not clear about half of things in life, and not sure about what I want.

5: at the moment I am trying to figure out whether I love or miss a certain person or whether I absolutely HATE that person from the bottom of he heart.

6: Point 5 just proved point 4 :P

7: I laugh and cry at the same time, now that's REALLY creepy.

8: When someone rings the bell of my door, I see them, run away, and I don't even welcome them inside, TRUST me I did this when my friends came home to surprise me, I did the same thing.

9: I like to sing random songs, in random places, in front of the randommest people.

10. When I'm happy I love to irritate people! =D

11: I speak A LOT, when I'm freaked out, I can continuously speak for ten minutes on any topic appointed, absolutely not knowing what I'm blabbering out! 

12: I'm dead tired, just crashed onto the bed, dying to take some rest but still there's that ONE THING which holds me back, don't know why, and I end up sleeping around 2:00, and waking up early morning. -.-

13: I love a person on Day 1, hate the person on day 2, and start loving him\her on day 3 [Mind you, only applicable for a FEW people.]

14: I make up my mind, and at the end moment, I change it.

^This just proved point 5 

15: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE dogs, despite of the fact that my pet dog bit my nose and I had 3 injections of Rabbies. :|

16: I am hungry, I am genuinely hungry, "Mommm! I want food!', the food has been served on the table, hunger over.
^Very Ominous..

17:I think being hyper and mad are an essential part of life

18:When I'm in an eccentric mood I LOAVE to embarrass people around me, I embarrass my best friends as well :P
Not that they don't accompany me in this act of madness, but they themselves become a target, not fair, I know :P

19:I have a profound understanding of human Relationships :) That's what my mom tells me 

20: I can't think of anything else :@

21: I can't think of ANYTHING else, I suppose 20 points are enough to justify how weird I am.

21: I am weird, yet proud of it :)

Anyhoo, that's all for now.
Taddaa! :*


  1. The most weird thing in life to know about urself so well...and that too soo early...I am still struggling buddy

    1. I wished to write *20* things, but got stuck with 20 somehow :\
      Anyhoo, FOLLOW ME, FOlLOW =D

  2. heyo anushhka kool itz rokin..........same wid me

    1. Even you are on BLOGGER? :O
      Didn't know, thanks anyway :D