Saturday, December 8, 2012


There will be phases in your life when you'll experience difficult times and situations, been shouted at for no reason, be blamed when it's not even your fault, you'll cry your heart out for somebody who doesn't even know you exist , be fooled, there will always be that one person who makes you wanna bang his\her head against the wall, (I prefer the glass window though :P) , left alone, and so much more! All we can do is, say, ''it's okay!'' and move on in life. 

My heart is a bottomless pit. (I admit) I'm someone who always want more of whatever I have been provided with, and the truth is I can NEVER be satisfied with it, but all i can say is it's okay and move on!
I've genuinely thought and this is a new obsession though :P
Not that if you flunk in your Maths exam, you say, ''it's okay'' and move on.
^This is not what I mean. If Mommy hasn't made you happy with what you want, it's okay.

I seriously don't know what I'm up to right now (*worried face*), maybe the intent side of me has overshadowed the REBELLION in me, but seriously peeps, if you are stuck in a situation and you have no way out, just sit back, and take life as it comes. This is what life is all about, taking things in your strike, letting go off people then finding new ones, becoming the tragedy queen over and over again, awkward moments (hell bent many), but remember it's okay. :)  But no don't end up becoming the insensitive jerk, that may hurt people around you. It's like I don't know how I am anymore, what exactly am I supposed to do now. I cannot begin to describe this feeling. And it's okay.
^See, this is how it is supposed to work! 

  Let's face the truth now, I really don't know what shit I've posted and this is scaring the hell out of me.
Sorry fellow bloggers, *hides in her blanket with a puppy dog face*
But nothing's really changed, at times all you need is, ''Hey I've read your blog!'' to get you going. I had nothing to talk about, no fresh ideas in my mind for a short tale or those vile posts that make this blog the ''TALK OF MY CLASS'' (mind you only at times) But you know what? I really don't care, I just wrote what I felt like cause this is where I talk. This is MY voice. I know random people will surely agree with me on this random post.  (Anxiety filling my mind alert) And it's okay.. Kaythanksbye.

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